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About US

Focus on professional exports in the steel industry
Make products with heart, quality is guaranteed, and prices can be assured. Company strength
Sufficient supply, with the principle of small profits but quick turnover, won the trust of our customers

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Located in Shanghai,China,Luoyue Metal(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.is a professional metal supplier in China. The company operates a wide range of materials,supplying nearly 1000 kinds of metal materials:operating brand steel:Hitachi,Japan,Datong,China Steel. TungstenSteel.Acting for domestic bigsteel plants,Taigang,Baotou Steel, Tiangang,Tangshan Steel,Qingang,Angang,BenxiSteel,HandanSteel,Shougang and so.on. The company has high-precision,high efficiency modern processing sites and CNC machine tools and their complete set of testing,testing process,and the introduction of international advanced management experience,absorption of outstandin gscientific research results,continuous innovation,production of high-quality products.

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From 2005 to 2010, the company located in Jiugan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai has been growing and expanding, from the original 10 employees to the present 200 employees, and began to divide into different departments, such as sales department, purchasing department, finance department and technology department. Fast structural growth prompted it to open branches across China in 2013. From 2015 to 2020, the company began to enter the field of foreign trade, and successively established Changruilong Metal (Suzhou) Co., LTD., Luoyue Precision Metal (Shanghai)Co., LTD., and Zhejiang Haixiang Metal (Hangzhou) Co., LTD. Focus on the export of metal material.

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The main feature of our bussiness is that we profile one-stop metal supply service: as long as customers have metal procurement needs, our company will try to meet all the procurement needs of customers, so that there is no need to find a second source. Its essence is system sale service. Its advantage is that one-stop service can fully and accurately grasp the overall needs of customers, so as to provide exclusive high-end customized services for each customer. Avoid conflicts between business function modules to the greatest extent. We are able to provide such services due to our understanding of the Chinese metal market and the company has accumulated a wealth of high-quality cooperative manufacturers in the metal market and formed solid and trusted cooperation with metal manufacturers all over China.