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Introduction and mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum strip

Introduction and mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum strip

  • Friday, 21 April 2023
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ntroduction of 3003 aluminum plate

Series 3003 aluminum plate is a common product of aluminum manganese alloy series. Superior to manganese alloy element, this product has excellent anti-rust properties, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate. The strength is about 10% higher than 1100, and the formability, solubility and corrosion resistance are good. It is used for processing parts with good formability, high corrosion resistance and good weldability, or it requires both these properties and high strength than 1XXX series alloy, such as kitchenware, food and chemical products processing and storage device, liquid product transport tank, tank, All kinds of pressure vessels and pipe general utensils, heat sink, makeup plate, photocopier drum, ship materials processed by thin plate.

Ii. Scope of Application:

The product is often used in outer packaging, mechanical parts, refrigerators, air conditioning ventilation pipes and other humid environment, the product has good rust prevention ability.

Iii. Chemical Composition:

Aluminum Al: Residual Si: 0.06 Copper Cu: 0.10 Magnesium Mg: 0.03 Zinc Zn: 0.20 Manganese Mn: 0.9-1.5 Titanium Ti: 0.10 chromium Cr:0.1 iron Fe: 0.7

Four, mechanical properties:

Tensile strength σb (MPa) : 95 ~ 205

Elongation δ10 (%) : 1 ~ 25

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